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Apps for Poetry Geeks – Evernote

One of the most useful apps I have discovered is Evernote. Evernote is a kind of digital Filofax in which one can save notes, documents or web pages in specified directories along with tags which allows one to filter one’s notes by topic.
It also has a voice to text recorder, which is very handy indeed although it does have a tendency to mishear now and then (with surprising and surreal results). It’s free, which is always a bonus, although more advanced users might like to upgrade to a premium subscription. I’ve not yet found a need for that.
If that is all this marvellous piece of kit does, it would be reason enough to use it. However, the clever geeky thing about Evernote is that you can download it onto a phone and PC/laptop. Because your notes and documents are uploaded to ‘a cloud’ once you are logged in, the software downloads any updates you’ve made on the other device.
I’m writing this now via my phone on Evernote while sipping at a vodka and coke down the pub. Later I will open Evernote on my laptop and do some edits before transferring it to the blog.Of course it is useful for all sorts of things and my Evernote is multipurpose and has become invaluable. I can access saved recipes while shopping so I don’t go home without that vital bulb of garlic or I can jot down things to remember while I’m on the street.
One of the main uses I put it to however is poetry drafting. I once read an interview with an author (whose name escapes me, as names often do) who said that writing the bloody thing in the first place is like pulling teeth, but editing was a real pleasure. I can empathise with this.
What I tend to do is load particular works in progress into Evernote and work on them when I have a spare moment; on the bus, in the toilet or indeed, in a quiet bar sipping a vodka and coke, times like that when the minutes would have been otherwise wasted. It’s surprising how much can be achieved in these saved moments and the result is already in digital form ready to transfer to Word (or your chosen choice of word processing software) when you open whatever device to use to print or e-mail your work as a submission.
Time for a top-up I think.

To find the phone version just search for Evernote in your app directory. The windows/mac compatible version can be downloaded from


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