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Murderous Review – Murder on The Mind (Jeff Resnick #01) – LL Bartlett (2008)

Murder on the Mind (Jeff Resnick Mystery, #1)

Jeff Resnick gets mugged by a couple of US bad lads, incurring a brain injury which leaves him without a job, but with a handy set of new psychic powers. His rich half-brother (whose name is coincidentally ‘Rich’) and Rich’s black girlfriend Brenda take him in at Rich’s family home in Buffalo, New York State. Jeff immediately has a vision in which a man is hunted and shot like a deer and his internal organs scattered around the countryside. There has been such a murder of course and of course most everybody but Brenda thinks Jeff is one doughnut short of a policeman’s lunch when he sets out to discover the identity of the killer.
It’s a compelling read, although the brothers’ relationship is a tad too spikey and awkward, and Jeff’s constant brain wooziness has the unfortunate effect of occasionally making the reader feel the same way. All in all though, not a bad read for a free book. Will I read the next one? Yes, I think I probably will, as Jeff will no doubt be feeling a bit less queasy by the time the next Buffalo murder is committed, one hopes.


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