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My latest publication

I am a patient kind of person, but this week I have achieved a personal record in terms of time between submission and publication, since two pieces that were submitted together in November 2009 have finally been published nearly four years later.
I should explain, following my last piece about magazine editors who do not respond, that I normally wait around 6 months before giving up and reassigning work elsewhere. Yes, one can chase the editors, and if there is an e-mail address I would submit a polite enquiry at this point but chasing by post, especially when has already provided an SAE, can be a costly exercise. I think in this case I waited a month or two longer than usual before recategorising the four pieces I had submitted as ‘available’. They got submitted elsewhere.
Time passed.
I was spending a weekend in Brighton last year when I got a call from one of the editors of the original publication, asking me if two of the pieces were still available, given the intervening length of time.
I confirmed that they might be still available, provided my e-mail address for the editor to put that in writing and responded when I got back. Oddly, someone from the same magazine rang me about a month later to enquire if they could use a third piece I had submitted. This one had been subsequently submitted elsewhere and published in the interim, and I informed them that they were quite welcome to republish it if they wished to. They didn’t.
Time passed.
A few days ago I received an apologetic e-mail to tell me they were sorry for the delay and that the magazine had now been published. A copy is on its way to me although I did take them up on their offer of a .pdf copy while I was waiting, just in case the delivery date was 2016.
So, some three years and seven months later I am published in a very posh looking publication called ‘Dreamcatcher’

Here is one of my contributions. I hadn’t seen it for so long I was quite surprised by it. Hope you like it.

welsh breakfast

tomorrow i will shave to face the day.
i bought a brand new razor for this moment
i will shave with a welsh accent
and walk the way i should do
welshly to the cafe with my mother.

i’m hoping that the gorse will bloom in welsh
along the banks to light our way
because the sun is english and
the welsh clouds shut him out.

then we’ll have a full welsh breakfast
in this cafe where the steelworks was.
they knocked the steelworks down and built a cafe
which is handy, i’ll have shaved
and i’ll be hungry.
so i’ll have it with my mother.
we can both be welsh together.


3 responses

  1. Loved it. That’s gotta be a winner for a patience award as well.

    May 24, 2013 at 7:24 am

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