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Murderous Reviews – Dead Before Morning (Rafferty & Llewellyn #01) – Geraldine Evans (1993)

Dead Before Morning

Inspector Rafferty and his new sidekick, Dafyd Llewellyn, a dour intellectual Welsh poetry expert (I’m pretty sure that should be Dafydd, though, with two d’s and it’s vexing me) are charged to investigate the murder of a young girl in an Essex Mental Hospital. Meanwhile, Rafferty’s matchmaking mother has asked him to help his cousin Jack, who has been arrested for theft days before his wedding.
It’s a decent enough start to a series, although one would have preferred a little more light shone onto Llewellyn’s character. Rafferty, on the other hand, is a highly likeable addition to the world of detective fiction.
As can be expected there’s a raftful of suspects, secrets are uncovered and Rafferty and Llewellyn are forced to come to terms with their disparate personalities.
Would I read more of them? Yes I would, and I have another Rafferty and Llewellyn title already on my kindle, awaiting the moment.


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