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Murderous Reviews – The Book of Souls (Inspector McLean #02) – James Oswald (2012)

The Book of Souls

I really enjoyed this, the sequel to ‘Natural Causes’. Detective Inspector Mclean returns again with his sidekick, Grumpy Bob and is haunted by thoughts of his fiancée Kirsty, the last victim of the Christmas Killer, Donald Anderson, who has finally died in prison.
However, there is no closure for DI McLean as a body is soon discovered, the body of a woman, with all the hallmarks of Anderson’s MO.
Meanwhile, an arson epidemic is spreading across Edinburgh and DI McLean has to battle against his old enemy DCI Duguid and a media who seem to think that the wrong man was convicted, a man who testified that he was driven to kill by an ancient book called The Book of Souls, a book that went missing following his arrest.
It’s a compulsive read, and rushes along nicely. The only criticism I have is that DI McLean seems to have forgotten his last encounter with demonic possession and murder.
The Kindle edition also includes an early DI Mclean and Grumpy Bob short story. It’s a little rough around the edges, but it’s nice to see where this started.


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