Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

My latest publication – the barlows

the barlows

sometimes i feel like diedre barlow
when tracy went upstairs
to play her taaaaapes
and didn’t come down
for three years
she had a new head
and a pair of eighteen hole
doctor martens

or maybe I feel like ken barlow
when stephanie beacham
sailed away on that barge
while ken clutched eccles the dog
on the bridge above the canal
which was a metaphor
for the dreams of older men
draining away from them

but not to the sea
because it wasn’t a river

My copy of ‘Monkey Kettle’ arrived today with two of my poems in it, this and ‘Nesbitt in Sainsburys’ which is based on a true event in that I saw the actor James Nesbitt in Sainsburys one day.
Life throws ideas at you in this way.
‘Monkey Kettle’ (or at least its manifestation as a poetry magazine) it appears, is going into hibernation for a while, which saddens me, since it was one of the few magazines willing to publish the quirky stuff. They’ve published a few of mine. I do quirky quite a lot.

They’re planning other projects though. Go check them out. Maybe buy a copy. You can read this all over again, on proper paper.


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