Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

Elvis in Wrexham (1997)

This somewhat irreverent piece was published in 1997 in a magazine called ‘Custard Pie’ which seems since to have gone the way of all flesh. Such is life.

There aren’t many poetry magazines that deign to accept ‘comic verse’ or even something with a faintly humourous inflection, which is a shame. Or maybe there are. I’d be glad to hear of them if so.


Elvis in Wrexham

A man stood at a Wrexham bus-stop
In a rhinestone cape
Mrs Pritchard nudged her friend
And said “Well I’ll be thraped!,

Don’t look right now but ‘ere
Behind me, leaning on the light;
Isn’t that that Elvis man?”
Her friend said “Oooh, you’re right!

It is, you know, I’m sure I think,
At least he’s got his face.
I wonder what he’s doing here.
It’s not his sort of place.”

“P’raps we should ask him” said the friend,
“No don’t!” said Mrs P,
“It might be live on Channel Four
And somebody might see!”

Her friend was quite determined though
And with no further fuss
Said “Elvis, whatcha doing here?”
He said “Waiting for a bus!”


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