Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

the lesbian avengers (2015)

I can’t think of anyone who would ever publish this, so I might as well put it out into the world anyway

the lesbian avengers

i like that show, ‘the lesbian avengers’
where lesbians go out and save the world.
every week a villain cowers
as their superlesbipowers
are thrown and flung and chucked and shot and hurled.

they dress in special lycra lesbicostumes.
they have masks and lesbilogos on their breasts.
they have to be disguised
in case they’re lesbirecognised
(and subject to subpoenas and arrests).

they get quite rough, you see, with certain people
(mostly men with british accents and a cat,
who are bent on domination
or the world’s obliteration)
and the police won’t let them get away with that.

they get rung up. they must have had cards printed.
and people give them lesbitasks to do,
like tracking down a killer
or a hybrid cow-gorilla
who’s escaped from some genetic secret zoo.

then at the end of every lesbiventure
the villain or gorilla gets sent down
and they hide all their disguises
and their guns of different sizes
and go back to normal life in lesbitown.


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