Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

november 2007 (2007)

it’s like the night’s invaded afternoons
these days, pushing back the border of dusk
to the heartland of richard and judy.
the front line of the war is approaching.

they’ll soon be in occupied territory
broadcasting their report on conditions
with the curtains closed and the big light on
and viewers phoning in to win a lamp.

there’ll be a man with a fat black microphone
reporting from somewhere in the twilight zone.
richard will ask how the locals are coping
and the man will say that spirits are high.

judy will clutch her clipboard, look concerned
and say something banal about dunkirk.



This was published in the marvellous Ink, Sweat & Tears back in 2008. I have another sonnet being published there shortly so watch out for it.
This was of course written back in a day when Richard and Judy were rather more prominent on TV than they have been of late. I still find this odd couple quite fascinating, in the way that I find odd creatures at the zoo fascinating. There’s something slightly unreal about good old R&J, and I have this vision of them sitting at home with notes on their laps, interviewing each other about the day’s events.
I am also a little unsettled by the fact that I may be the only person to have ever written a sonnet on the subject of Madeley and Finnigan.
Is this a good thing?


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