Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

the point (2008)

it got to the point
where the day’s credits rolled up.
i closed my book
put the pen to bed for the night,
switched off the light.

it is never entirely dark in the city.
the new office block bled in
radiance like qvc moonlight
while a precis of last night’s dream
washed over the pillow in that
‘last time.. on—‘ sort of way.
you rolled over, held me
and i had my lines cued up ready to be
shaped and delivered…
and then you flatulated.

‘i was about to ask,’ i said,
‘whether i’ve told you i love you lately.’
‘no, you haven’t,’ you said.
‘well, i’m not going to now
because you’ve farted the love away.’
and then we laughed
in the light of the false moon
because they were only lines and noises off
and we’ve got to the point
where we know
that love and farting
are all part of the
big picture.


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