Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

Martians (2007)

The Martians won’t be coming now
to slap some sense into our thunderchildren,
will they?
No plans have been drawn against Woking.
Wokes can chav safely in the sure knowledge
that vast and cool intellects
will never stalk their streets,
because they’re not coming now.
No fake meteors
smoking in a pit on Shepherds Bush Green
while devilish mechanisms
assemble themselves to rise above Morrisons,
smiting Starbucks and hoodies with heatrays.
Because they won’t be coming
with their red weed and their oolahs,
and we won’t see
war machines jake-the-pegging
glorious and cleansing
through Hammersmith, consigning
Primark and McDonalds
to oblivion,
because they’re not coming now,
are they?



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