Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

Prophecies For the Coming Year

Prophecies For the Coming Year


A storm of words will threaten the South East.
Ears will be in. Nostrils will be out.
Rumours of regional jokes will cause riots in the Midlands.
Many people will die as a result of their own stupidity.
Seagulls will continue to migrate inland.

I will give my words to the winds
to be carried as seed to the white fields.
I will blend the tones and bones of the world
into points of time
held safe in their day and age.
I will love, laugh, weep and rage
as I bury each month with a box of letters.

War will break out between the North and South.
The i-suck will revolutionise digital hoovering.
Weather will bring the country to a halt.
Famous people will die in the wrong order
like mixed up tickets at an old Safeway deli.
Moths will return in the summer
and bring no news at all
apart from the fact of their arrival
and for this we should love them
and give them any thanks
left over from what we wasted on God
at Easter.


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