Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

My Latest Publication – Obsessed With Pipework 77

I’m very chuffed to have had two of my poems ‘Made in Japan’ and ‘your love’ published in Issue 77 of the delightful ‘Obsessed With Pipework’, edited by Charles Johnson.


It’s always a joy to read, since it delivers a hefty dose of high quality accessible poetry. My favourites so far are the poems by Jonathan Edwards, particularly ‘Bournemouth’ (the inspiration for the cover I assume) and ‘Ann Summers’, as well as Kate Dempsey’s ‘Mothers’ Day’.

Subscriptions and submissions (up to six of your most extraordinary poems with a C5 or larger SAE. Failure to include will result in no response) should be sent to

Charles Johnson, editor

Flarestack Publishing

8 Abbots Way





The next issue, due in May 17, will be a spoon/spoon theory poems special. See the ‘Obsessed With Pipework’ or ‘Spoon on The Tracks’ Facebook pages.

Please subscribe. £12 for 4 issues. Make the cheque or postal order payable to Flarestack Publishing, sent to the address above.

Some back issues can be found online at The Poetry Library


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