Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

My latest project

I am in the process of assembling a collection of poems to submit to a publisher. It’s not something I have done before, so it’s both exciting and strewn with decisions.
The publisher needs 25 – 30 by the end of March. I have shortlisted about 40 and need to decide what to keep, what to lose, the order in which to arrange the final selections and – a vital consideration – what to call it.
It’s far more complex than I imagined since I would like there to be something of a stylistic and thematic connection between them. I’ve realised that I have employed a variety of styles and formats. Some of them don’t hang together too well although they may be linked thematically.
I also sometimes write a series of poems on the same subject, but not enough to reach the twenty five poem level… yet, anyway. I’m currently writing a series of fifty word poems based on people I have observed in coffee shops. Small character sketches. There’s only twelve of those so far and few of them are at the submittable stage yet.
Anyhoo, I have five weeks or so. I’ll keep you posted on progress.


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