Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

The Fly (2009)

we were led to believe he was running
when he was found.
the impacted body of a large fly
was discovered on his left spectacle.
impacted, yes.
one of them at least had been travelling at speed
both heading toward death
at more or less the same instant.

why were they both in such a hurry?

we were led to believe the deaths were simultaneous
or why would he continue running
with a large dead fly obscuring his sight?
why would a fly divebomb into a dead man’s glasses
at high speed?

‘we can but speculate,’ said the coroner,
with no hint of irony,
‘as to what happened immediately after the collision occurred.
the fact of the collision itself is irrefutable.’

afterwards they brought me the glasses and the fly
in a sealed bag
as if this could serve
as some mute conjoined witness
to lead us to believe an absurdist truth
and bring us closure.


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