Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

Adoption (2011)

I’ve bought another camera
‘Like Madonna and the orphans,’ said my beloved
not without some justification.
This latest one is adopted, having been
used, abandoned and
trafficked by internet camera slavers.

What would Angelina call hers?
Something spiritual I think

‘Wind’? ‘Mango’? ‘Espresso’? ‘Persil’?

It’s due to arrive tomorrow.
I should have thought of this earlier.

‘Carapace’? ‘Papaya’? ‘ Bambi’? ‘ Geoff’?

The Press might lie in wait.
They’re bound to ask me what
I’m calling it.

‘Twix’? ‘ Aero’? ‘ Anaglypta’? ‘ Pumice’?


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