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Murderous Review – Capable of Murder – Brian Kavanagh

Capable of Murder (Belinda Lawrence, # 1)

I read this in a day. Very much in the Midsomer Murders/Rosemary and Thyme vein, particularly R&T since the plot (which becomes clear very early on) concerns a garden. It also features a character called Rosemary, but that’s neither here nor there.
Belinda Lawrence, a young Australian, receives a mysterious letter from a great-aunt she has only met once before, inviting her down to her cottage in Milford, near Bath. Belinda, however, finds her great aunt’s decaying body at the foot of the cottage stairs and finds herself embroiled in a dangerous mystery.
It was certainly enjoyable and held my interest although I couldn’t help finding Belinda herself a tad irritating.
It’s not clear when the story is set, since it seems unfeasible that none of the characters appear to have mobile phones if it is set in the present day, and yet there are no cultural references to date it in any other time. Additionally, the author’s background seems to give a quiet surreal view of British life and there are occasional references which jar such as when Rosemary, an English woman exclaims ‘I’m such a Stickybeak!’ which is a specifically Australian phrase and not common at all in Bath, one would have thought.
The body count gets higher toward the end.
Not a bad read. The sequel will determine whether I’m converted to Kavanagh.