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Murderous Reviews: Depraved Difference – J Robert Kennedy (2011)

Depraved Difference (Detective Shakespeare Mysteries, #1)

Detective Eldridge is on the trail of a serial killer targeting passengers of a subway carriage who did not help when a young woman was murdered in front of them. The passengers are being filmed as they are killed and the footage sent to Aynslee Kai, a young female TV presenter.
Eldridge’s partner, Detective Shakespeare, is mostly absent, being a rather portly diabetic who was once a great detective but who is now thought of as being a little past it. But perhaps now is the time for Shakespeare to regain some of his former prowess.
Concurrently, another killer is stalking blonde women and keeping them hostage in a cellar, something which is only now coming to the notice of the police.
This isn’t a bad piece of work at all. There’s a varied selection of interesting characters and the pace is maintained throughout the novel. My only qualm may be that the subway killer’s IT skills are rather too advanced and that there might have been at least one more occasion when he was thwarted, as his miraculous ability to evade the police and gain access to his prey has the downside of reducing reader suspense.
One final issue I had with this is the title. I’m still at a loss as to what it means or how it relates to the narrative.
Would I read another in this series? Yes, I’m thinking I will. This was rather good.