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Murderous Reviews – Dark Horse (Jim Knighthorse #01) – JR Rain

Dark Horse (Jim Knighthorse, #1)

Jim Knighthorse may be a tad too handsome to be credible, six foot twelve or thereabouts, and as we are relentlessly reminded, he is BIG. It is little wonder then that he was an up and coming American Football star before his leg was shattered in half a dozen places and he became an apprentice PI in his father’s investigation agency. Knighthorse, despite this, has a snappy line in dialogue, is throughly likeable and seems to have met God (who calls himself Jack) in McDonalds.
Knighthorse is called upon by the defence attorney of a black high school student who is accused of killing his girlfriend. He has no alibi, the murder weapon was found in his car and there are no other obvious suspects, but Knighthorse believes he is innocent.
Rain cleverly reveals the dark side of Knighthorse’s personality slowly. Like all detectives he has angst; a drink problem, family issues, an urequited longing to be a football star and unresolved mysteries from the past.
I was pleasantly surprised by this. To a certain extent, it’s a lightweight bit of reading, but it employs clever and unusual elements and the dialogue snaps the action along like a comedy train. I should make clear that this is not a comic novel in any sense, but Knighthorse is a natural comedian who can charm or destroy with a well-turned phrase or two.
If I have any criticisms it is that possibly this could have been longer, giving the characters room to stretch a little and round themselves out. The denouement is somewhat rushed and lacks suspense, but on the whole it’s an entertaining piece of work.
The movie should feature Jason Statham as Knighthorse (He has no shining mop of blonde hair and he’s not American, but in Hollywood, he’s the best option they’ve got, and he does sarcasm really well) and Ian McShane as Jack. I think that would work.