Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet


My latest publication – Amaryllis

I’m very happy to report that one of my sonnets has been published today in the wonderful online mag Amaryllis.

Check it out HERE


Ode to Britney Spears

Britney Spears! Britney Spears!
You’ve screeched at me for years and years.
It vexes me. I get fed up
So would you kindly shut the fup!

My Latest Publication – Fish (2018)

I’m very happy to have been published today in the marvellous Ink, Sweat and Tears online mag, edited by Helen Ivory.

It came put of a chat I had with the man who tends the huge fishtank at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Check it out here

Found Poem – van Gogh’s letter to Anthon van Rappard

Enclosed is a scratch out of the window

I always find it wonderfully cosy
to sit by a fire in the dusk
and to look
through the window
at a snow-covered landscape

I’ve also found
that natural chalk
here in town

It’s an article
that was practically unknown to me
until now

Now though
I find it isn’t that rare
and you probably know it
and already have it

If not
I think it a singular medium
in which to draw

Adieu old chap

a handshake in thought