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November 2009

This was published in 2011 in issue 8 of the much missed magazine ‘Anon’. I like writing sonnets. I have no idea whether I write them properly or not. I tend to head for fourteen lines and stop when I get there. They seem to get published though so I must be doing something right.


My latest publication – Amaryllis

I’m very happy to report that one of my sonnets has been published today in the wonderful online mag Amaryllis.

Check it out HERE

My Latest Publication – Fish (2018)

I’m very happy to have been published today in the marvellous Ink, Sweat and Tears online mag, edited by Helen Ivory.

It came put of a chat I had with the man who tends the huge fishtank at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Check it out here


Christmas is coming, very very very fastly.
But panic not, readers! There’s still time to order that extra-special gift for a loved one, and what says ‘I love you more than kittens at xmas’ better than a book packed with poems about nuns. Buy one now.

My latest publication – Vine Leaves Literary Journal #VLLJ4EVA

This was a very nice surprise. The Vine Leaves Literary Journal is a weighty Australian hardback packed with vignettes of fiction and poetry, one of which is mine.
Sadly this is the last volume in the series. It’s available on Amazon though.

Click here

The Writing Process

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m finding that when I receive a magazine or book in which I’ve been published – bypassing for the moment the other poetry with which I am sharing the publication – and rush to the page where one’s immortal words are sealed for posterity, I suddenly see what is wrong with it.
I can’t see any way round this unless I mock up a magazine full of my finished work and post it to myself along with some poetry competition entry forms and a flyer for the Ledbury festival.

My latest publication – The Frogmore Papers

I am very very happy to have been included in The Frogmore Papers, issue 89, which arrived this morning. It’s a poem called ‘Charity Shop Perfume’ which I seem to have been tinkering with for years. Perseverance pays off.

The Frogmore Press (given that they’ve reached 89 issues) has been running a goodly while now, and their Frogmore Papers is a well respected bi-annual magazine packed with high quality poetry and fiction.

Please subscribe. It keeps good poetry thriving and it’s well worth the money.

Details here


My Latest Publication – Strange Poetry

I am very happy to have had two of my poems published in the wonderful online mag ‘Strange Poetry’. Please give the mag your support. It’s publishing exciting stuff and I’m honoured to be included.
You can check out my poems and lots of far better and outstanding pieces here.

Please vote for me

It appears that I have¬†been shortlisted for the Ink Sweat & Tears ‘Pick of the Month’ for January 2017 for my poem ‘you have to eat’. For details of voting please go to

I think it’s about time I won something, and if it’s not the lottery it might as well be this.

Voting closes at 9pm (GMT) on Thursday 16th February.

Don’t vote twice. It won’t count.

My Latest Publication – Obsessed With Pipework 77

I’m very chuffed to have had two of my poems ‘Made in Japan’ and ‘your love’ published in Issue 77 of the delightful ‘Obsessed With Pipework’, edited by Charles Johnson.


It’s always a joy to read, since it delivers a hefty dose of high quality accessible poetry. My favourites so far are the poems by Jonathan Edwards, particularly ‘Bournemouth’ (the inspiration for the cover I assume) and ‘Ann Summers’, as well as Kate Dempsey’s ‘Mothers’ Day’.

Subscriptions and submissions (up to six of your most extraordinary poems with a C5 or larger SAE. Failure to include will result in no response) should be sent to

Charles Johnson, editor

Flarestack Publishing

8 Abbots Way





The next issue, due in May 17, will be a spoon/spoon theory poems special. See the ‘Obsessed With Pipework’ or ‘Spoon on The Tracks’ Facebook pages.

Please subscribe. £12 for 4 issues. Make the cheque or postal order payable to Flarestack Publishing, sent to the address above.

Some back issues can be found online at The Poetry Library