Roddy Williams – The Atheist Poet

Word of The Day

#WordOfTheDay – ROBUST (n.) (ro-BUSSED)

The chestplate of a female android.


#WordOfTheDay – QUANTIFY (v.) (KWON-ta-fie)

To calculate the number of people travelling to and from New Zealand in any given period.

#WordOfTheDay – PREHENSILE (adj.) (pre-HEN-sile)

Pertaining to the time before the age of chicken farming.

#WordOfTheDay – PLINTH (v.)(prop. N.) (PLINTH)

1. (v.) To clench ones thighs together firmly as when one needs to pass water. 2. (prop. N.) A small seaside town in North Wales.

#WordOfTheDay – PENURY (n.) (PENN-yore-ree)

A group of writers appointed to decide the guilt of fellow authors accused of crimes against literature.

#WordOfTheDay – ORGANIC (n.) (or-GAN-ick)

Music that is played only in churches

#WordOfTheDay – NANTUCKET (n.) (nan-TUCK-it)

A Victorian mechanism designed to restrain an old lady in a chair.

#WordOfTheDay – MAGNANIMOUS (Adj.) (mag-NAN-imm-uss)

Very large. Specifically, bigger than a house but smaller than a palace.

#WordOfTheDay – LIMPET (n.) (LIMM-pit)

A small brass jazz instrument, whose first reported use was by Deaf Jacques Willoughby at a 1932 concert in Lubbock, Kent. It is constructed of three counter-rotating spindlepipes each fitted with four tibula stops and a raptor gullet. It is rumoured that limpet players were extant in the late Nineteenth Century although no evidence has as yet been found to substantiate these claims. The instrument’s popularity reached its peak in the Fifties with Reg Dense and his Limpet Five, who recorded several albums of instrumental covers, arranged for five limpets and a piano.

#WordOfTheDay – JUDICIARY (n.) (JOO-disha-ree)

Collective noun describing the audience of the Judge Judy Show.