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A Dream of H (2012)

At fawn dawn my head
walled you into a courtyard with a bed
its duvet tongue leering at the dying stars

Humid night

We made love like making bread

Your brother slept

He’d appeared there sleeping
but rose
an opening flower
as I was preparing to leave for
the real world

He kissed me
an ambivalent exchange
written in a language
lost somewhere under the duvet
a wet rosetta grinding stone
you did not know of this

This home of yours
although strictly speaking mine
was an enclosed oasis
unknown to me
like your brother
high on an infinite escarpment
far from the water
slate sky slabbed on to distance
where a herd of huddled russet dwellings
grazed their mysterious business

You yawned your bare arm skyward
waking up


dream monkey (2009)

i’ve painted a mandril behind your head
glaring out from your dream
watching your eyelids tremble

i’ve tasked him to guard your thoughts
when you’re not awake
his pupils bleed oiled orange

sits soft in a jungle, moonlit
half-dissolved in shadow
so not to frighten other dreamers

rough paw clutches silk pillow
long mask face tilts like a threat
balanced. it could fall either way

but behind that, miles beyond his warpaint
there’s a calm wilderness where nothing
uses words or mobiles