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My Latest Publication – Fish (2018)

I’m very happy to have been published today in the marvellous Ink, Sweat and Tears online mag, edited by Helen Ivory.

It came put of a chat I had with the man who tends the huge fishtank at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Check it out here


My Latest Publication – you have to eat (2016)

I had a poem published in Ink, Sweat and Tears this morning. IS&T is an online magazine which has been running for some years ago, most recently with Helen Ivory at the helm.

‘you have to eat’ is one of a series of poems I have written about my mother over a period of some years. I’m thinking I might see how they fit as a collection, although that wasn’t really the intention when I first started writing them. A few have been published in various places, so it might be worth looking into.

Please visit IS&T and have a wander round. Some more of my stuff is in the archives but there’s an awful lot of quality poetry in there too.

My Latest Acceptance #poetry

Two rejections yesterday and one acceptance of a poem for the wonderful Ink, Sweat and Tears, undoubtedly one of the best online poetry magazines. That will be online around November hopefully.

Rejection – in life as in poetry – is something with which we all have to learn to deal in our own ways. Inevitably one will take it personally for the short moment after one has digested the rejection slip or e-mail.

‘This is clearly absurd,’ you must tell yourself. ‘These editors do not know you and have no grand scheme to destroy your rise to poetry stardom. Besides, many magazines operate an anonymous policy whereby the selector or selectors have no idea who the authors may be.’
That usually works. Sometimes the inner voice whines back.
‘But this one doesn’t. They must hate me for sending something completely inappropriate for their magazine.’
I have to think this through. Are there editors so consumed with irrational hate for their potential contributors that they will refuse to publish the good stuff when they send it in?
‘I guess it is possible,’ I reply, ‘but I find it hard to imagine that your work could have been worse than the greetings card love twaddle that all editors must have to deal with.’
Apologies if you are a writer of greetings card love twaddle. It’s a worthy profession and a noble craft but not the sort of thing you tend to submit to contemporary poetry magazines.
I suspect someone will now send me a link to the popular quarterly journal Tennessee Greetings Card Love Twaddle (submissions open). But I digress.
‘One also has to consider the high volume of submissions some magazines receive against the number of pieces they can actually publish. Rejection doesn’t necessarily mean your work is bad, just that there was some very stiff competition.’
The digital age has been a double-edged sword in this respect. Yes, we have a fresh continent of online magazines and print magazines who accept e-mail and Submittable submissions, but this has opened the way for anyone to submit anything they want at any time of the day or night to about 80% of the market without leaving the house.
People who don’t leave the house without a good excuse shouldn’t be submitting poetry. I feel this is a bad idea. But I digress.
Rejection is painful, but it is momentary. Move on. Persevere.


My Latest Publication

I came as a bit of a surprise to find another of my poems published in the marvellous Ink, Sweat and Tears today.


One more Acceptance

It’s been an odd day, since I had a day booked off from work for a hospital appointment, which turned into an extended endurance test.

However, when I got home, Karma had decided to redress the balance by sending me my new Samsung Galaxy Tab (which was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow) and an e-mail from the lovely Helen Ivory at Ink, Sweat and Tears, to tell me that she’d like to use one of my sonnets in an upcoming online issue. Hoorah!

I shall let you know when it’s live and online. In the meantime, take a look at IS&T, a solid beast full of quality stuff just sitting there waiting to be read.


phone call (2007)

I am one of those older people who remembers a life before telephones, or at least before we had a telephone in the home. There was a certain freedom to this that was never appreciated at the time. Phones, be they landlines or mobiles, render you accessible day and night, something I still resist by having an ansaphone to deal with the landline and actually switching my mobile off (I can hear the gasps of horror from here) when I don’t wish to be contacted. For some reason this offends some people. They expect their calls to be a priority over everything else that’s in your life. This poem, which was published in ‘Ink, Sweat and Tears’ in 2007, stems from this premise but developed a life of its own in the writing.

phone call

i did not hear the phone.
therefore i did not answer it.
i did not register your question as a serious one.
therefore i answered it with a lie.
i did hear the phone
but i chose not to answer it,
my motives in so doing being far
too complex to relate in
this, answered, phone call.
if you knew why i did not
answer the phone it would not alter
your or my life to any measurable degree.
so why did you ask?
you need not answer that question
for the reasons listed above.