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Poetry forms – The Liwuli

I’ve been encountering obscure poetic formats recently. Here’s one. It’s called the liwuli which I first saw mentioned on the ‘Obsessed with Pipework’ Facebook page.
The liwuli, I am informed, is a form that originates from Singapore, but that’s neither here nor there. Forms are forms. I find the restriction useful in that one is forced to choose one’s words carefully and be concise.
The first stanza contains exactly 31 syllables in the form of a prose poem, and should be phrased entirely in terms of instructions.
The second stanza consists of 14 syllables and 3 lines
The third stanza consists of 10 syllables and 2 lines.
This section should be phrased entirely in terms of questions.
Well, I had a quick go.
Come back
Come back to that room
in the robot hotel
Bridge me the distance
Come soon like the winter
and stay
Brook me no delay
Make haste
I sing this to the airlines
once or twice
most every day
Why don’t they hear me?
Where are you today?
That’s not bad for ten minutes. Give it a go.