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My Latest Publication – South


I seem to be on a roll lately. South 54 arrived today, with one of my poems in it.
This is always a pleasure as the poetry is selected anonymously, i.e. without the selectors knowing who the author is. I can therefore be sure that I have been selected because the work was deemed good enough, or conversely, not rejected because I am a fat grumpy bloke with dubious political views.

Details of South can be found here


My Latest Acceptance

I was very happy to discover this morning that one of my poems has been accepted for publication in the next issue of South Poetry magazine.

It’s a great mag which has been running for 53 issues, and it’s particularly special to be selected for this magazine as they run an anonymous selection process, which ensures that the selectors are judging each poem on merit alone.

If you don’t subscribe please consider doing so. Details can be found in the link above. You’ll be supporting the Arts and you can read my poem. Simples.


My Latest Publication #poetry #southpoetry

I was very happy to receive my contributor’s copy of South 53 today, which contains two of my poems, ‘Half Dressed’ which is a slightly irreverent sonnet, and ‘The Man I Met in The Park’ which is a poetic adaptation of a real event, something I seem to do quite a lot.

I have had several pieces published in this magazine now, which heartens and encourages me, since this magazine, like some others, has an anonymous submission policy. The selectors judge the poetry on merit alone, and have no idea of the identity of the author until it has been selected for publication.

I think all poetry magazines should adopt this practice. I won’t hold my breath though


My Latest Publication



My complementary copy of ‘South’ arrived today. I’m honoured to have been selected to be a part of it. It’s a lovely looking publication, with a spine, a glossy cover and always a moody black and white photograph on the front cover.
I’m on page 19 in case you’re wondering.
South is published twice a year and employs an anonymous selection process, in that the selectors have no idea whose work they are reading.
I approve of this. It’s a marvellously levelling process and ensures that work is selected on its merits alone.

To submit or subscribe or both, check out their website here.